Your sustainable barn wedding with

accommodation included

The ultimate venue for your sustainable barn wedding in Scotland.

Are you dreaming of a rural idyll that is super friendly, rustic and as unique as you are? With exclusive use of a cosy Eco Lodge where your friends and family can stay, relax and play a part in your wedding. Where you can do things your way with a barn, courtyard and 231 acres of woods, meadows and waterfalls. And where your wedding will contribute to an award-winning community and environmental initiative. Without costing the earth?

Stay together

Take your time, relax, and have the time of your lives for a couple of days or more. At the Croft your wedding could include:

  • A pre-nup activity like a walk, run or bike ride together
  • Mass participation! Guests become kin and the jobs are fun when everyone mucks in with the preparations and clear down
  • Late night bonding, as most or all of your people can stay onsite

It's all possible with our farmstead 66 bed eco-lodge, courtyard, heated barn and other spaces that are exclusively yours. Other options include Nordic Katas or camping in the woods and meadows.

What do you mean 'sustainable'?

Since 2008 our community-owned farm has been a sustainability pioneer, recognised when we won the inaugural VisitScotland Responsible Tourism Award (2023). The Croft is designed so that you have the most unique wedding, while creating significant community and nature impact. The venue is part of a family of collaborating nature-based ventures helping people connect with nature and the outdoors, including: Tomnah'a fruit, veg and flower farm; Bushcraft Bairns forest school nursery; the Tea Garden Cafe; some of the country's top-rated mountain bike trails and bike shop; Nordic Kataswild style camping; and the Croft's own Farm Shop. These other elements are available to you too (some require prior arrangement).

What does this mean for my wedding? You may ask.

  • First and foremost, your wedding will be blissful!
  • All the heating and hot water for your wedding comes from locally and responsibly sourced wood.
  • 100% of the electricity for your wedding comes from renewable sources, much of it generated from onsite solar panels.
  • Your wedding will be Net Zero. The Croft has been carbon neutral since 2020. We will work out the remaining emissions from your wedding (e.g. from travel) and absorb those emissions on the farm by increasing permanent native tree cover. If you want to get involved look out for one of our tree-planting / rewilding days.
  • You'll help nature thrive. Your wedding directly supports rewilding most of the land at Comrie Croft. Ecological surveys have shown this is working! In the past few years we've witnessed the return of Red Squirrels, White-Tailed Eagles (the largest bird of prey in the UK), Pine Martin and Red Kites. Ask for our resident experts, Colin and Maria, if you'd like to know where best to spot particular wildlife. 
  • You'll help our community thrive. Our local buying policy means that more than 80% of your spend is retained locally. And as active partners in our community, we are especially involved in getting people outdoors and appreciating our natural environment. Two projects worthy of mention are a mountain biking mental health programme we run called Trail Therapy, and work with a local group to connect Crieff and Comrie with an off-road all abilities path. More than 40 people's livelihoods are based at the Croft.
  • A sustainable wedding doesn't make you broke! That's why we publish our prices online and include lots of things as standard. We don't charge corkage, commission on suppliers or any other hidden fees.
  • We'll help you make positive choices as you plan your wedding, with our Sustainable Weddings Guide (e.g. alternatives to single use plastic; using the best local suppliers - ask Emma in the farmshop if you'd like to place a bulk order; using flowers and foliage grown at the Croft from Cristy at Tomanh'a; and reusing stuff to make your wedding unique and save you money).
  • People who wed at the Croft have sustainable marriages - they are more likely to be happily married years later!* Our motivation comes from seeing you have the best possible start to your married life together, full of the love, joy and respect you'll need for longevity. (*Currently this is no more than a hunch, but when someone has time we'll do the research to prove it!!)

Do It Your Way (DIYW)

It's your wedding and it should reflect the two of you. DIYW means that you set the vibe, the schedule (or none!), the decor, the food, who does what, the fun and the frolics! Of course, with freedom comes responsibility: We simply ask that you and your guests are considerate and respect us, our community and our property. We'll be there to advise you beforehand and we'll be in the background on the day to make sure it goes smoothly. But we are not wedding planners! A DIYW wedding is brilliantly involving - everyone can contribute. So beforehand we'll help you make a plan and ensure that everyone knows their role (including someone else to be the chief organiser on the day). And then everyone can relax and enjoy the days of your lives!

If this sounds like your cup of tea then we'd love to hear from you (call 01764 670140 or email) and to see you for a tour.


Ellen & Sam

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