The Barn

The barn is a big old rustic blank canvas for you to work your magic on! It was given a makeover during winter 2014, including insulation, partial lining with wood and straw bales (to add to the exposed stone), and lots of controllable lighting. It’s a fantastic space for you to decorate as you wish. Or go for the simple 'as it comes' look. We have seen some really beautiful set ups - it is amazing what some greenery, tea lights and a few more straw bales can do!

Many people use the barn for a meal and a shindig. It can also be used as a wet-weather location for your ceremony. (floorplan)


Image by Simons Studio 


  • 200 people.

Set up/take down

  • 20m x 17m approx.
  • We provide it as an empty space, apart from church pews – these can be moved around within the barn (or removed out the back) as you like.
  • Large barn doors enable a vehicle to be driven in for the drop off /pick up of equipment (3m x 3m).
  • The barn can be decorated as you like access from 3pm on the day you arrive, but must be left as you found it before you leave (1pm the day after).


The in-house lighting is designed to be completely controlable to help you create the mood and atmosphere you are after. It's all LED and therefore consumes very little power.

  • Warm white dimmer lighting throughout the whole barn.
  • Colour-changeable lights shining into the roof space of the full-height space. These are operated by a remote control and can be set to any colour (including white). Or for all those disco-freaks out there, to flash and change colour.
  • Wall-washer downlighting designed to highlight the exposed straw-bale wall (opposite wall from the entrance).
  • Fair light canopy
In our humble opinion you can never have too many nice lights - fairy lights always look great, as does festoon lighting


  • 12 power points (6 double sockets)
  • Maximum power output is around 7,500 watts

Additional Info:

  • Church pews seating approx. 100 people 
  • Chairs & Tables available to use 
  • Step ladders available to use 
  • Candles can be used but must be kept away from flammable materials (eg. straw bales) and must be contained (eg. in glass jars)

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