The Tea Garden

**Closed for the winter**

We were delighted when Allison agreed to take on Comrie Croft's Tea Garden.

Totally selfishly, we dreamed of home made soups, arancini, freshly made salads and sandwiches, lunchtime snacks followed by piping hot tea and coffee, beautiful home baking...what more could a Crofter want? And then reality reared it's ugly head and there was no room for us mere Crofters as the word got out and punters came from far and wide to sample for themselves, the delicious delights of the Tea Garden.

We have to put up with the wafting of those enticing smells... did we mention she does heavenly filled rolls for breakfast - and hope against hope that there might be enough left for us at the end of the day....faint hope!

Check out her delicious options here.

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