The Tea Garden

Allison is the goddess in our kitchen. Using fresh, wildlife friendly produce from Tomnah'a Market Garden (you can see it growing in the field) she magics up a range of homemade delights including cakes, salads, soups, pies and other yummy things we can't pronounce. All are made with love. There's a great selection for those who don't eat meat, gluten, lactose and other things that don't agree with you. Oh and did we mention great coffee and tea?

No reservations - just rock up.

**2021 Update**

The lovely people from Bonnie Mountain Cafe are joining with Allison this year to give her a day off, help with the busy times at weekends and offer evening food too - awesome!

Opening Hours

Monday - Tea Garden 9am - 4pm

Tuesday - Bonnie Mountain 9am - 4pm

Wednesday - Bonnie Mountain 9am - 4pm

Thursday - Bonnie Mountain 9am - 4pm

Friday - Tea Garden 9am - 4pm

Saturday - Tea Garden 9am - 4pm

Sunday - Tea Garden 9am - 4pm

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