2023 Prices 


30% discount for during the week (Monday (except bank holiday Mondays) - Thursday only)

Any booking including a Friday or Saturday qualifies for a weekend price

Additional nights available - cost depends on time of year/day of the week

We recommend that you charge your guests per person/per night which definitely brings the cost down! (We charge £40 per person per night to give you an idea) 

 Outdoor Wedding spaces 

Courtyard Free 

Mill pond woodland £160

Woodland view £110 

Honeymoon Kata in the woods 

£250 for two nights ( 2 night minimum) 

A lovely way to get a little bit of peace and time to yourselves, very important though to remeber bedding, some drinks and snacks for waking up in the morning! 

January - £5,200

February - £5,200 

March - £6,200

April - £8,900

May - £9,400

June - £9,400

July - £10,400

August - £10,400

September - £9,400

October - £8,900

November - £6,800

December - £6,200



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