Ride it like you stole it! 

Fresh from the success of our weekend mountain bike festival, Cream O' The Croft, I thought I'd continue the bike theme and visit the guys at Comrie Croft Bikes.

People say to me Comrie Croft Bikes is just a bike hire shop for people staying at the croft....wrong!  Colin, Digby and Scott are bike geniuses (well that's my opinion) and offer a wide range of bike based services.

They have an amazing workshop where they can fix bikes (obviously), build you a completely unique customised bike (very posh), repaint your old bike if you want to give it a makeover or just give your bike a service.  To make life a bit easier and because that's the kind of guys they are, a pick up and drop off service is on offer to locals too.

Bike rental is a big part of Comrie Croft Bikes and they have a great range of quality bikes that can cater for littlies wanting a balance bike all the way up to hard core enthusiasts wanting a mean machine to test the trails with.  You don't have to be staying at the Croft; anyone can hire a bike here.  They even offer a dial a bike delivery service as far as Dunkeld!  Looking to buy a new bike but not sure what you want, or you'd prefer to try before you buy?  Pop up and visit, you can rent one of the high end demo bikes, if you fall in love with it (which you will) and just have to have it, they'll even take the cost of the rental off the purchase price - how nice is that?

Our trails which were designed and built by Comrie Croft staff, trails guru Rik Allsop and some volunteer trail faeries (yes, that's what they call themselves), are awesome (maybe I'm a bit bias) and cater for all abilities.  From the family friendly blue runs to the big grin enducing black and red runs, good times guaranteed.  Not got time to ride a trail, want to hone your skills or let the kids have a try, then give the Skills and Fun Park a visit.  There are lots of obstacles to choose from with progressive table top jumps and the Jackie Chan drop line, rock garden and a little sprockets kids mini pump area (I've even given it a go in my wheelchair - scary but fun).

Wanting to explore a little further afield but prefer to take someone wirh local knowledge?  Speak to the guys as they can offer guided tours for groups of 4 or more.  These can range from a few hours to multi-day and take in some of the stunning countryside we have around us.

Forgotten something, broken something or just wanting to buy something shiny and new?  Pop into the shop, they have an amazing range of products you need and some you didn't know you needed till now.  Colin, Digby and Scott will happily chat to you about your bike problems, and offer some advice.

Next time you're at the Croft pop in and see them - they're partial to coffee and cakes (they made me write that!) - and give the trails ago!

For more information check out their website - www.comriecroftbikes.co.uk



August 2015 

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