Comrie Croft's Wee Extra's 


Festoon lights

Festoon lighting helps make a vintage look that looks great in a barn or farmy setting. My bulbs produce a warm white light. The bulbs are spaced every 0.5m on white cable. Each 5m section can be joined together to form one length of 150m, or separated into two lengths, each with its own plug and 5m of lead-in cable. The lights come boxed, ready for you to arrange them how you want them.

They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and look particularly good around Comrie Croft's courtyard. To make your booking just email me with your dates and location.

£7.50 per five metre length per event or £225 for the whole lot (150m).

Straw bales

Real square straw bales from the farm across the valley. Approx 100cm x 50cm x 50cm. Nothing quite adds to the farmstead atmosphere than a bit of straw bale seating. They can be used inside Comrie Croft's barn, or outside in dry weather (they don't like rain!).

Usually 25 available at £5 each.

Please email - to book 

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