The A - Z of frequently asked questions...

Dogs - can they stay too?

Well behaved & quiet dogs on a lead are very welcome. We make a few simple requests of dog owners.

Where can we get married?

You can get married anywhere on the croft, as Scottish Law allows you to marry wherever you like in the country. There are a few favourite, tried and tested spots though! 

Is there vehicle access to the High Meadow, Mill Pond or Woodland Clearing?

Less mobile/VIP guests are welcome to be taken very close to these areas by vehicle. There is no general vehicle access above the car park. 

Is there wheelchair access for an outdoor Wedding? 

Some areas are wheelchair accessible, but still fairly rough ground, so it's is best to have a look round before deciding this.

Can our guests pay individually for their rooms?

I'm afraid not - it gets too confusing for our small heads!

Can we bring a marquee?

No problem! 

Can we have a bouncy castle?

Sounds great. The best location is in the courtyard. We recommend Burgerseeds Parties if you need to hire one.

What size is the barn?

Approx 20 x 17m. See floorplan for more detailed measurements

Can we decorate the barn?

Definitely, yes!  Just ensure it is reinstated to its original condition before you leave.

Can we borrow step ladders to decorate the barn?

Yes. We have two. Our insurance doesn't allow us to lend out long ladders, but we have rigged up a pulley to the central apex of the barn roof so that you can hang lights, bunitng, etc. from that point. 

How many power points are there in the barn?

12 (6 double sockets).

What is the maximum power output you can handle in the barn?

Around 7,500 watts.

How many lights are there in the barn?

See Venue Guide for details

Can we have candles in the barn?

Anything out of harms way and not near any flamable materials (e.g. straw) is ok - such as tealights in jars on tables.  

Is there heating in the barn?

There is a heater which is usually operated by our on-duty wedding co-ordinator - it is normally only needed for a short time to warm the space up, once you're dancing it will stay warm all evening!

We have a band playing in the barn/meeting room. What time do they have to finish?

All music/singing must finish by 11pm in the barn and meeting room, otherwise you might get a visit from a grumpy man in a dressing gown! 

Can we have an outside fire?

Yes! There is a fire pit in the courtyard. You can bring your own or buy some of our big sacks of split logs (£6 a sack). Please pre-order your sacks of wood and we'll have it in the courtyard ready for you. You are also welcome to bring your own wood. We ask people not to take wood that is lying around as it is a vital part of the natural ecosystems we are trying to encourage.

Can we plant a tree at Comrie Croft to commemorate our wedding day?

No problem. Please arrange for a tree, tube and stake. We can point you in the right direction when you are here.

What catering facilities do you have?

The Steading kitchen is equipped for group catering with a commercial gas catering range & double door oven, another domestic oven and hobs, microwave, commercial fridge and chest freezer. There is also a constant supply of boiling water (no need to boil the kettle for a cuppa!) and a commercial dishwasher (3 min cycle). There is plenty of storage for dry food. There is a large selection of crockery and cutlery (at least 70 settings) but not much that matches! The caterers we recommend can all provide crockery/cutlery - and that means your party doesn't have to do the washing up! There are plenty of large pots and pans etc.

Is there a car park?

Yes, there is loads of parking space for 100 cars. The driveway is coach accessible.

Can we have a hog roast or BBQ?

Yes, the courtyard is ideal for this. If you need it the courtyard has a stone built barbeque.

Do you have tables and chairs?

We have pew seating in the barn for around 100 people (mostly 8' lengths - good for 4 adults) We also have 180 matching wooden folding chairs.

The following tables are available:

Trestle tables (approx. 6' long x 2' wide) 11

Trestle tables (approx. 8' long x 2' wide) 15

Round Tables (approx. 6' diameter) 6

Can we take chairs/tables/pews anywhere we like onsite?

Yes... provided they are returned to where they started out before you leave. Also, please don't leave our furniture outside in the rain.

Do you have irons and ironing boards?

There is one set in the Steading and another in the Farmhouse.

Can we have fireworks?

Sorry but that's a no.  We have lots of wildlife and livestock nearby that get affected by fireworks.

Can we set off sky lanterns?

I'm afraid that the general opinion on these now is that they are harmful to livestock and wildlife and a fire-risk - even the ones that claim to be eco-friendly. So thats a no. Shame, they did look wonderful.

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