The Croft is for everyone.

Everyone should be able to enjoy Comrie Croft whatever their ability.  We understand for some people with disabilities going on holiday means a little more planning and a few more questions.  We got our onsite expert (a wheelchair user herself) to make this guide.  Let us know if there is anything we haven't covered.

You can download a PDF version here, or how about a map to get your bearings.


Camping – We have several different camping areas.  The Summer Camping Field & Far Away Meadow are open in the summer season only (May – Sept). 

Low Meadow - 6 pitches close to the toilet & shower block at the back of the reception building. These pitches can accommodate all sizes of tents from individual to larger family sized tents.  The access road runs past the meadow for easy drop off and collection.  Cars cannot park in the meadow but there is parking a few metres away via the farm road and there is ramped access to the meadow.  The ground is mown grass and fairly level, but a little bumpy in places.

High Meadow – 20 pitches.  This site is at the top of the access track, around a 5-minute walk from reception. Toilets are eco flushing and there is cold running hill water for washing.  The pitches are a 9m circle and can accommodate up to a family sized tent.  Cars can drive up to drop off and pick up kts but need to be returned to the car park except for blue badge holders.  The ground up there is mown grass, there is a bit of a slope up to the pitches which are fairly level, but a little bumpy in places.

The Drum – 10 pitches. Slightly higher up than the High Meadow, around 3 minutes more walk up hill from the drop off zone (wheelbarrows available). Amazing views. Shares the toilets and wash up area with the High Meadow. Around a 10 – 12 minute walk back to the main facilities & drinking water.

Woodland – 12 pitches.  As the name suggests these are situated in our woods.  They are pretty much as nature intended with small clearings in which to pitch your tent.  Only smaller tents fit, roughly 3 x 3 meters.  The access road runs through the middle of the woodlands, pitches 2 and 4 are the closest to the road. This road is a farm track and steep in places. All pitches involve walking from the access road over some uneven terrain and quite narrow tracks, so generally not suitable for most wheelchairs.

Campervans – 4 bays. These bays are unserviced – no electric hookup or sanitary disposal. Suitable for small to medium sized campervans (6m long or less), they are about a 5 minute walk to the facilities behind reception.  The ground is hard rock with a topping of fine chippings, level but unsuitable for awnings.  The front 2 bays have fire pits located in front but down 5 wooden steps.

Far Away Meadow: Designed to be a wild camping experience -think backpacking style. As the name suggests it's far away from the drop off zone, about 10 minutes up hill, and the main amenities, around 20 minutes. Portaloo's are available at the edge of this meadow.  Not suitable for family camping.

Summer Camping Field: Large & spacious field, great for family camping, the pitches are marked out 9m squares. Only a 2 - 3 minutes walk from the main facilities, the field has portaloo toilets and cold running water.  Cars are allowed onto this meadow and can be parked close to tents (outside the roped area)

Indoor Accommodation

Nordic Katas – We have 7 Katas, six of which are in the woodland area, the other is at the bottom of the low meadow.  You can get to those in the woodland via the access road, although again there is a short walk over uneven ground from the road.  Kata 2 is up a steep set of woodland steps.  

Kata 5 near the low meadow has been designed with disabled visitors in mind and is the only Kata with mains power should any devices need to be plugged in overnight. Located near (30m) to the reception building and toilet/washing facilities, it has its own parking bay and wooden boardwalk running to the door (820mm wide) which carries on to the ramp and up to reception.  There is a gate before the ramp. Inside is a stove for heating and cooking as well as a small handcrafted table and some stools of varying height.  The sleeping platform is (500mm) off the ground, (4650mm) wide & (2110mm) at its deepest, covered with a firm mattress.  The Kata also has an en-suite compost toilet (door 880mm wide).  

Farmhouse – The farmhouse has three bedrooms, a kitchen and sitting room.  Two of the bedrooms are on the second floor, with one on the ground floor. The ground floor room has a double bed with single bunk above and a set of bunk beds. Also on the ground floor is a shower room, the shower cubical has a lip (165mm) to step over.  As the name suggests it is an old farmhouse, the main door has a 90mm step and is not very wide (740mm), then there is a step (90mm high) from the mudroom into the house through a 680mm door.  

Steading – A converted farmstead - 11 rooms over two floors, sofa area, TV den & kitchen.  Entrance way has a gentle ramp into foyer. Rooms are down the corridor to the left, there are three fire doors between the foyer and the rooms, these are sturdy and a little heavy to open. Our kitchen and dining area to the right of the foyer.  The upper dining area is accessible to wheelchairs; the lower dining area and kitchen are down three steps with no grab rail.  Step free access to this area is made by a ramped door in the gravel courtyard.  Rooms 1, 2 and 3 are on the ground floor.  All other rooms are on the upper floor and there is no lift. 

Room 1 (door width 800mm) has two cabin beds and a separate double bed (approx. 560mm high), which can be split into a twin. Double electric socket within reach of bed. It has wheelchair accessible wetroom, with a comfort height toilet (480mm) and roll in shower (shower stool available). There is an emergency exit door to the courtyard too.

Room 2 also has a double bed and 2 cabin beds but a much smaller floor space.  The ensuite (too small for a wheelchair), has a shower enclosure with a small 1cm lip and standard heigh toilet. 

Room 3 has a double bed and 2 cabin beds with a large amount of floor space.  The ensuite (too small for a wheelchair), has a shower enclosure with a small 1cm lip and standard heigh toilet.  


Barn & Cow Shed

The Cow Shed is a multi-purpose room at the front of the Barn.  There is ramped access from the courtyard though an oversized door (1100mm).  From there you can enter the Barn via bi-fold doors which offer level access or through a single door which has a small lip (20mm) to step over.  Step free access to the toilets is available from the Cow Shed – the door is (790mm) wide.  From the Barn the step up to the toilets is 210mm high.


We welcome campfires!  The woodland fire pits and courtyard fire pits are at ground level in the meadows there are fire bowls which are 350mm high.

Fire Evacuation

If staying with a group of people we ask that you nominate someone to be in charge of your evacuation should it be required.  Please inform reception of your room number and who that person will be.  Should you be staying alone, let us know when booking so we can make provision for you.

Roads, Paths and Car Parking

We are based on what used to be a farm; the access from the main road is a farm track with a one way system in place.  Access to the woodland pitches and high meadow is a continuation of this farm track and is fairly bumpy and steep.   Parking is at the side of the access road.  There is a disabled bay close to the Steading which is slightly angled as the ground is sloping.  Flatter spaces are available further down the car park.  The ground outside the reception building is a little uneven and gently sloping, mainly fine gravel and concrete. There is ramped access to the building from the car park.

Bike & Walking Trails

Bikes – We have an onsite bike shop (Comrie Croft Bikes) that you can hire bikes from and they are also handy for wheelchair repairs, e.g. punctures etc.  For anyone wanting a bit of an adrenalin rush feel free to try out our mountain bike trails.  If you are a wheelchair user you will need an off – road chair (we don’t have any for hire), our blue run is probably the widest but we also have a skills park where you can have a try before you commit to the downhill.

Walking Trails – You can walk up through our woodlands and pastures.  The route is mainly farm track, so a little bumpy and steep in places. Probably not suitable for those needing pushed.  There is a trail that runs from the Croft to Comrie.  This is fairly wide, again quite bumpy with some protruding tree roots, and some very steep areas.  The exit from the path is very narrow.



Reception – One accessible toilet. Toilet pan standard height (430mm), has one grab rail next to toilet.  

Steading – One accessible toilet – Toilet pan standard height (430mm), one grab rail next to the toilet. 

High Meadow – No accessible toilet. 

Barn – One accessible toilet - 1620mm (d) x 1200mm (w) – 850mm at its narrowest between sink and heater. Toilet pan comfort height (490mm), grab rails either side of the toilet.

Room 1 Wetroom – Large room, shower controls are easily reached from the stool, a shower stool (440mm high) is available.  Toilet pan comfort height (480mm), two drop down grab rails. Door slides for access.

Camping Wetroom/Toilet (2115mm x 1150mm) – On the small side, shower controls are 110mm from floor, a shower stool (440mm high) is available.  Toilet pan low (400mm), one grab rail next to the toilet.

Kata 5 ensuite – (1810mm x 1740mm) – Toilet pan is of comfort height (490mm) and has a grab rail on the left along with a drop down rail on the right. 

Camping Amenities 

Lockers – We have twelve lockers with electrical sockets available, they are located to the rear of the reception building.

Microwave – Located in the same area as the lockers on a shelf approx 4ft up.

Washing Up Facilities – Three sinks located to the rear of the reception building, one of which is lowered for wheelchair users.

Medication Storage – If you need to keep any medication chilled we have a fridge in the kitchens of the Steading and Farmhouse as well as one next to the lockers.  There are no locking boxes in any of our fridges.

Reception and Shops

This building is fully accessible; there is a wooden ramp up to it, and double doors.  

The Cafe

Onsite there is a cafe which has ramped access to a covered deck where you order and can sit.  Indoor seating is snug, larger electric wheelchairs might struggle. Access to this from the deck has one step, step free access is available via the shop foyer.

Assistance Dogs

All well behaved assistance dogs are welcome at Comrie Croft.  Obviously assistance dogs can holiday for free.


Everyone needs a little help sometimes.  Should you need to bring a helper they can stay for free.

Medical Assistance

Some of our staff are first aid trained.  Should none of them be on duty or you need help out of hours:


Comrie Medical Centre (PH6 2LW) – 01764 670217

Crieff Medical Centre (PH7 3SA) – Red Practice: 01764 652465   

                                                          Blue Practice: 01764 652283


Spring Grove - Comrie (PH6 2LN) – 01764 679040

Smile – Crieff (PH7 4BJ) – 01764 652209

Care Dental – Crieff (PH7 4AX) – 01764 652607 


Crieff Cottage Hospital (PH7 3HR) – 01764 653173

Perth Royal Infirmary (PH1 1NX) – 01738 623311

Emergencies – Call 999

Non Emergencies - NHS 24 – Call 111


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